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When first placing your children in an education and care setting, we understand that parents may feel anxious about leaving their child in the care of someone else.  The team at Viewbank Early Childhood Centre are here to help and support the parents and children throughout this time.

Families are encouraged to gradually settle their children into the Centre.  Most children settle into a new environment easier if they start with short stays, and build up to whole days.  This can be done in a number of ways.  A suggested way to commence the orientation process is:

1st day Visit and stay with your child between 9:30 – 11:00 am

2nd day Visit and stay with your child between 9:30 – 10:00 am and then leave your child until 11:00am

The educators will discuss with you as to how your child is going and whether you need to continue this process for a few more days

3rd day Visit approximately 10:00am and leave your child over lunch and sleep period – collect your child at 2:00 – 3:00 pm

4th day Full day

5th day Full day

Mornings between 9:30am and 11:30am are recommended as it is “activity time” when children have the best opportunity to participate in their new environment and become familiar with the educators, children and the surrounds.

We are flexible and happy to tailor the settling in process to the needs of the child and parents.

Please note:- The orientation process is for a maximum period of 4 - 5 days over a 2 week period and will only commence once a booking fee has been received, and a starting date agreed upon.  Leaving a child can only be done on the provision that a spot is vacant in the relevant room.

Our orientation procedures enable children and parents to become familiar with the Centre’s team members, and to discuss the child’s individual needs and routines.

Educators will telephone you during the day to inform you of your child’s progress during the first couple of weeks or, if you prefer, you can phone us at your earliest convenience.

SEPARATION – what to expect

Most infants up to age 6 to 8 months make a smooth transition to another adult. (Leaving is often harder for the parent)

A child between 6-8 months and 3 years may scream, cry or cling when you say goodbye.  Children of this age need more experience to be sure they can trust you to come back.

If you look on the new arrangement as the best for everyone in your family, children 3 to 6 generally adapt quite well.

Establish a comfortable routine

The night before, help your child get out the next day’s clothes or pack their “child care bag”.  And don’t forget the hat!

Ensure you leave home with plenty of time to spare so you are not in a big rush when you arrive at the Centre.

Saying Goodbye

Each day take time to see your child gets settled comfortably.  Set up some arrival routines, sign in together, put belongings away, wave goodbye at the door.

Always say goodbye.  Be sure to say when you’ll be back.  “After you have had afternoon tea”… (or whatever).

Going Home

On the way home some children will want to talk about the day, others won’t.  Be ready to listen.  Children may like to hear briefly about your day.

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