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As well as high quality education and care, Viewbank Early Childhood Centre also offers-

  • Children's Haircuts by a professional hair dresser - every 6 weeks
  • Music Program - each Tuesday in the kinder rooms and alternate Tuesdays in the Family Grouping rooms
  • Yoga for the kinder children on a Wednesday afternoon.
  • A funded kinder program run by a qualified kinder teacher for 4 year olds, and a 3 year old kindergarten program
  • Children's Information Technology systems in the children's rooms for research, communication and learning
  • Children's Portfolios on each individual child, as well as group learning stories and visual diaries, which give you an insight into the fun, learning, interests and play that takes place at the Centre
  • Parent / Educator meetings twice during the year for kinder children
  • A spacious playgrounds, offering a variety of equipment, environments, resources and activities in open and sun-sheltered areas, which can be used by children of all ages
  • Off street parking for staff, parents and visitors to the Centre
  • Many fun, interest and education based incursions throught the year to further support children's learning
  • Child Care Subsidy registered Centre for fee reductions (where families are eligible)
  • Automated Payment Facility (PAYWAY) - every Thursday your account is charged to your nominated account
  • Birthday Cakes- we can organise and have a cake delivered to the Centre for your child at a small fee
  • Children's Services Advice- external children's services advisors available for families of children with learning and behaviour difficulties

Viewbank Early Childhood Centre welcomes your suggestions and feedback on any services that you feel may add value to your stay at the Centre.