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Our Philosophy

Mission Statement

To provide high quality early childhood development that meets the needs of children and parents through excellence in service, innovation and leadership.


Children's learning and development is holistic and occurs in the context of their families and community. Accordingly, we support shared decision-making and provide an inclusive environment, where everyone is encouraged to participate and contribute. Therefore educators and staff will:

  • We believe that the family grouping environment provides the most appropriate setting to foster all areas of a child's early development
  • We agree the early years are the most significant for a child's developement.
  • The promotion of a chil'ds independence, interdependence, creativity, confidence and self esteem is best conducted through active involvment in a balanced indoor/outdoor education program.
  • It is essential for VBECC to work in partnership with families to ensure quality early childhood developemnt of the children.
  • It is essential for staff to respond to, encourage and support the needs of individual children, regardless of race, gender or ability.
  • We beleive that quality development and edcuation at VBECC is best achieved through a team approach, whereby all staff work together to achieve common goals and objectives.
  • We are guided by the principels identified by the National Quality Standards and we abide by the Australian Code of Ethics.
  • We beleive that children learn best through a play based program, when they are interested in what they are doing, having fun, can experiement and watch others.


  • To work in partnership with families and the community to provide professional, high quality early childhood care for children.
  • To provide an environment that accepts diversity and complenets the child's home life.
  • To foster the cognitive, physical, emotional, social, cultural and language developemnt of each child.
  • To foster the development of each chil'd self esteem and pride.
  • To foster a positive approach to conflict resolution and problem solving with each child
  • To provide an environemnt where each child feels respected and are encouraged to respect others, to help form positive relationships with their peers and adults.
  • To foster a feeling of security by providing a safe and happy environment.
  • To assist children to become independent, confident, and inquisitive learners, by considering the needs of the child and as a memebr of a group.
  • To provide a service that is flexible and responsive to the changing needs of the children, families and community.
  • To respect the family unit by promoting parent participation in the planning and development of the centre's programs.
  • To develop and maintain opportunities for the professional and personal development of the staff.
  • To provide programs tailored to each child's strengths and needs, incorporating children's interests to motivate their learning.

We acknowledge and are inspired by the work of Lilian Katz in the case for mixed-age grouping in early education, and are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Code of Ethics and the National Quality Framework .

Family Grouping