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Pre-school Team


Our Pre-school Team comprises of the Sunflower and Rosegarden Rooms, where we run our 3 year old kinder program and our 4 year old, state registered, kindergarten program.

Our Pre-school Team consists of 5 educators who work collaboratively to achieve common goals and successful outcomes for their children. The Pre-school team is also supported and guided by our Educational Leader, Pre-school Educational Leader and Nominated Supervisor. Together, they develop and deliver the emergent play based programs, based on the developmental needs, interests, abilities and experiences for each child in their groups.

The Rosegarden and Sunflower rooms work closely together throughout the day.This gives the children opportunity to learn from and develop relationships with other children and educators, and to spend time in different environments, providing further opportunities to explore, learn and develop. This also helps prepare the 3 year olds for their time in the 4 year old Kinder the following year.

For a detailed look at our 3 and 4 year old kinder programs, please click on the programs below:

- 3 year old kinder program

- 4 year old kinder program