Viewbank Early Childhood Centre - Meeting the needs of Children and Parents - Our Structure

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Viewbank Early Childhood is a purpose built centre specifically designed to ensure that each child is surrounded by a comfortable, secure and functional environment.

Our innovative structure offers more flexibility and choices for your children and your family. We provide a range of flexible and innovative children's programs to meet the needs of your family, including Kindergarten for your Pre-schooler and Family Grouped education and care for your younger children.

Viewbank Early Childhood Centre places a strong emphasis on 'teamwork'. All educators work closely as a team across the Centre as a whole. We structure our 4 children's rooms into 3 'teams'; Family Grouping 1, Family Grouping 2, and the Pre-school Team. We also have an Administration Team, who are always available to offer support to educators and assist families with any enquiries.

For a closer look at our teams and rooms, please click on the teams below:

Family Grouping 1 - Bushland Room & Gumnut Room

Family Grouping 2 - Wattles Room & Waratahs Room

Pre-school Team - Sunflower (4 year old Kinder) & Rosegarden (3 year old Kinder)